Our Mission is to empower humanity with the emotional and psycho-spiritual knowledge and tools for creating a cancer free world.

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Learn from the Pioneer of the Root Cause of Cancer

Paul Leendertse

Author, Teacher, Coach, Pioneer

Paul Leendertse is the Pioneer and Author of 'The Root Cause of Cancer'.

He has over 15 years of rare experience helping individuals overcome significant health challenges - often stage 3 or 4 cancer. 

By living with individuals with Cancer for 3 weeks at a time, over a 10 year period, examining life-challenges, traumas, and lifestyle factors, Paul discovered the root cause of cancer and how to reverse it. The Root Cause is a psycho-emotional stress complex, effecting the physical body, which needs to be identified and resolved to heal.

Paul most often gets to the root cause of his clients cancer in one coaching session, and begins resolving it with them. Many times clients experience significant improvement of symptoms in their first session, and full reversal of cancer through Pauls Mentorship & Self-Healing Course.

Paul now teaches the Root Cause of Cancer to the world via his online trainings. To acquire advanced knowledge and skill in the Prevention & Reversal of Cancer, including Pauls 15 step Real-Self Healing Process, sign up for Root Cause Practitioner 1.


Aria Konrad

 Co-founder, Self-Healing Mentor, Bodyworker
For many years Aria suffered from addictions, health challenges, and emotional distress that kept intensifying. The medical system did not know how to help her. Eventually turned her life around and focused on healing from the inside, accepting, and loving herself.

Her healing journey was accompanied by an awakening experience, complete reversal all of her symtoms, high health, vitality, and inner peace. This experince envoked her passion for holistic health and understanding and resolving the Root Cause of disease.

The following years Aria acquired skills in various modalities. Emotional Healing & Bodywork in Switzerland, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching with the Chek Institute in California, Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage in India, and more.

In 2019 Aria met Paul and began supporting his 3 week Self-Healing Retreat in Canada. Two years later they co-founded Root Cause Institute. Since then Aria has been co-creating and co-hosting Level 1 and 2 training, contributing to webinars, social media, and more.


What Students and Clients say

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RCP 1 Testimonial
Sarah, Canadian Frontline Nurses Co-Founder & Trauma Healing Guide
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RCP 1 Testimonial
Rachel, Hypnosis Therapist and Holistic Health Coach
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Breast Lumps Reversed
 RuthPersonal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach
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Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Reversed
Anna, Teenage Empowerment & Emotional Healing Mentor

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A patient I've been working with just had their PET SCAN come back clear after several months of discontinuing chemo and doing this work to heal.

Thank you for all the continued lessons and encouragement you provide. You are an amazing soul! Please thank Aria for all the good work she provides as well!
Stephanie, Naturopath
Paul is a trailblazer in the Root Cause movement, and his insights into the true causes of cancer are groundbreaking. 

I can personally attest to the validity of his teachings, as I successfully healed from stage 4 testicular cancer by addressing the root cause.  
Thank you Paul!
  As a western-trained physician, I have observed both professionally and personally, the need for approaching physical illness and disease through a more holistic and empowered lens.

Thank you for the amazing class today, I feel so honoured to be able to participate in your course - it’s literally what the world needs.

Best course I've ever taken, hands down, over the course of my entire professional career. Life changing both professionally, but more importantly, personally for me.

I am now working working toward sharing and guiding others using this unique, highly effective, life changing method of true healing.


The Root Cause of Cancer

The Book that's leading the paradigm shift

'The Root Cause of Cancer' is one of the only books in the world not focused on supplements, treatments or ‘cures’ because none of these approaches, even if beneficial, address the Root Cause of Cancer.

You will learn why the the only cure for cancer is within the individual themselves, for important reasons.

Unless a person understands what’s really caused their cancer, they can't consciously make the necessary life-changes to resolve it and remain cancer-free long-term.

Destroying cancer, in any way, commonly fails eventually, because the factors that led to the development of cancer were not resolved.

This book is essential for anyone who is ready to acquire the knowledge needed to understand the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual factors associated with the development of cancer, to begin the self-healing process.

The author, Paul Leendertse, has been working with clients with stage 3 and 4 cancer for over a decade.

Two Levels of Training

Become Skilled in the Prevention and Reversal of Cancer

Learn the Essentials for Cancer Prevention, the Root Cause of Cancer in each Region of the Body and Pauls 15 Step Real-Self Emotional Healing Process.

Although the Course Material is designed for Cancer Prevention, students with cancer who have taken this training have reversed their cancer (without treatments).

Note: If you have cancer and want to heal yourself, Pauls recommendation is to prioritize his Mentorship over taking this course.


Learn the Essentials for Cancer Prevention, the Root Cause of Cancer in each Region of the Body and Pauls 15 Step Real-Self Emotional Healing Process.

Although the Course Material is designed primarily for Cancer Prevention, students with cancer who have taken this training have reversed their cancer (without treatments).

*If you have cancer and want to heal yourself, Pauls recommendation is to prioritize his Mentorship over taking this course.

Frequently asked questions

What can you offer that I cannot get anywhere else?

With Root Cause Institute you will have the opportunity to learn from over 15 years of research into the lives of individuals with cancer. You will be learning from Paul Leendertse directly, who has done significant pioneering work in the Root Cause of Cancer. 

Do I need previous experience?

Although our trainings are designed for professionals, no previous experience is required. A variety of people from all walks of life take Root Cause Practitioner 1:

• Stay at home mom's who want to raise healthy, cancer free children
• Individuals who want to understand and support their friends or family members, diagnosed with cancer
• Professionals of any kind such as Physio Therapists, Medical Doctors, Health Coaches etc.
• People with cancer who want to understand their cancer and heal themselves

What is most important is that you are passionate about this knowledge. 

Paul is a skilled teacher who can make complex topics practical and relatable.

Can I start with Root Cause Practitioner2?

No. Helping Clients reverse significant disease and cancer requires a variety of skills that take time to understand, practice and develop, thus Root Cause Pracitioner 1 is a pre-requisite for Root Cause Practitioner 2. 

The course material is designed to prepare you step by step to become skilled in holding space for, supporting, and guiding clients through their self-healing process.

When can I start studying? 

Our Spiritual Laws Course is available entirely recorded, you can start studying at any time.

Our Trainings for Prevention and Reversal of disease and cancer are held live, multiple times throughout the year.
See upcoming dates:
Root Cause Practitioner 1
Root Cause Practitioner 2

Can I heal someone when I complete the trainings?

No. Root Cause Institute does not teach how to heal someone.

You will learn how to help your clients unlock their innate ability to heal themselves, and gain practical tools to support them in that process.

Can I take your courses if I have cancer?

Yes. A variety of individuals with cancer have taken our training. Many of them have reversed their cancer by applying what learned. 
See Testimonials here

Note: If you currently have cancer you may want to prioritize the Self-Healing Course & Mentoship over taking RCP 1. The Course is self-guided and you can start any time. It also includes 1on1 coaching sessions with Paul or Aria (based on your choice upon enrolment)

Will I be learning about GNM?

No. We do not teach GNM.

Pauls approach has developed from over 15 years of resarch into the lives of individuals with cancer, helping them identify and resolve significant stress, suppresed emotions, and create a life that truly noursishes them.

Much of what Paul has discoverd is contradictory to GNM. Our courses contain original material based on our own research.

To learn more about the Root Cause of Cancer and how our approach substantially differs from GNM watch our webinar:The Root Cause of Cancer & a Loving Correction of GNM

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