The Root Cause of Cancer

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The Root Cause of Cancer is one of the only books in the world not focused on supplements, treatments or ‘cures’ because none of these approaches, even if beneficial, still do not address the Root Cause of individuals cancer.

You will learn why the the only cure for cancer is within the individual themselves, for important reasons. Unless a person understands what’s really caused their cancer, they can't consciously make the necessary life-changes to resolve it and remain cancer-free long-term.

Destroying cancer, in any way, commonly fails eventually, because the factors that led to the development of cancer were not resolved.

This book is absolutely essential for anyone who is ready to acquire the knowledge needed to understand the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual factors associated with the cause of cancer.

The author, Paul Leendertse, has been working directly with clients with stage 3 and 4 cancer for over 10 years.

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