When you grow through life or health challenges, you claim not only your health and happiness, but gain priceless wisdom and strength which cannot come any other way. Becoming empowered from within is what  self-healing is all about.


About the Founder

Paul Leendertse is the Pioneer and Author of 'The Root Cause of Cancer'. He has over 15 years of rare experience helping individuals overcome significant health challenges - often stage 3 or 4 cancer. 

By living with individuals with Cancer for 3 weeks at a time, over a 10 year period, examining life-challenges, traumas, and lifestyle factors, Paul discovered the root cause of cancer and how to reverse it. The Root Cause is a psycho-emotional stress complex, effecting the physical body, which needs to be identified and resolved to heal.

In his online coaching, Paul often gets to the root cause of his clients cancer in one coaching session, and begins resolving it with them. Many times clients experience significant improvement of symptoms in their first session, and full reversal of cancer through Pauls Mentorship Program.

Paul now teaches the Root Cause of Cancer to the world via his online courses. To acquire advanced knowledge and skill in the Prevention & Reversal of Cancer, including Pauls 15-step Real Self Emotional Healing Process, sign up for Cancer Prevention Coach.

Paul's Story

"In 2010 my step father who was like a father to me died of lung cancer. He died in my arms.

 I was a holistic lifestyle coach at that time, and he was receptive to my advice. He tried a variety of approaches I suggested: organic food, juicing, supplements, meditation and more. He also worked with Naturopaths using alternative approaches to combatting cancer. Additionally, he tried traditional treatments: radiation and surgery. 

Nothing was working.

Although many of these approaches had minor positive effects (the traditional ones had obvious negative effects too), over time, I watched my step dad worsen. When he died, I realized that what I knew about health was not enough.

From that moment on I devoted my life to discovering the Root Cause of Cancer. I could not learn much from books, because what I needed to know was not yet discovered. I could not learn much from science and research because the majority of research is conducted on cancer cells in a lab, not  individuals in real life.

 I did real research with real people; my clients, devoted to self-healing were my teachers. Over 10 years of working with cancer patients in personal settings, I came to understand the root cause of cancer - it is repressed and unprocessed emotional stress or pain that is held inside a person's body.

I learned not only the Root Cause, but further, the specific cause of cancer in each region of the body. It was revealed to me over and over again, from different clients with the same cancer who had similar life stresses. 

 It is because of my clients, and their honest desire and commitment to looking deeper into self-healing that this knowledge can now reach the world."


Our Mission is to bring the Root Cause of Cancer to the World, and teach the emotional and psycho-spiritual tools needed for its prevention an reversal.

We want to contribute to ending cancer and creating a world full of human beings that are connected to their true self and emotions, know how to grow through life challenges, and are aware of their needs and how to fulfill them.

 We train skilled coaches who are helping lead the way to this new reality - to a Healthy Humanity; 
Cancer free.

Frequently asked questions

What can you offer that I cannot get anywhere else?

With RootCauseInstitute you will have the opportunity to learn from over 15 years of research into the lives of individuals with cancer - You will be learning from Paul Leendertse directly, the Pioneer of the Root Cause of Cancer.

Do I need previous experience?

Although our trainings are designed for professionals, no previous experience is required. A variety of people from all walks of life take Root Cause Practitioner 1:

•  Stay at home mom's who want to raise healthy, cancer free children
•  Individuals who want to understand and support their friends or family members, diagnosed with cancer
 • Professionals of any kind such as Physio Therapists, Medical Doctors, Health Coaches etc.

What is most important is that you are passionate about this knowledge. 

Paul is a very skilled teacher.

Can I start with Root Cause Practitioner 2 ?

No. Helping Clients reverse significant disease and cancer requires a variety of skills that take time to understand, practice and develop, thus Root Cause Pracitioner 1 is a pre-requisite for Root Cause Practitioner 2. 

The course material is designed to prepare you step by step to become skilled in holding space for, supporting, and guiding clients through their self-healing process.

When can I start studying? 

Our Spiritual Laws Course is available entirely recorded, you can start studying at any time.

Our Trainings for Prevention and Reversal of disease and cancer are held live, multiple times throughout the year.
See upcoming dates:
Root Cause Practitioner 1
Root Cause Practitioner 2

Can I heal someone when I take this course?

In our trainings you will not learn how to heal your clients but rather how to help your clients access their innate ability to heal themselves, and guide them effectively. The only long-term healing is self-healing. 

I am a highly skilled professional who has already taken a large amount of courses - will I still benefit from your trainings?

Yes. Our Trainings in Root Cause Identification and Resolution contain invaluable knowledge and tools not found anywhere else.
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