Video Testimonials

From Clients and Students

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Ovarian Cancer Reversed

When Anna started coaching with Paul she had stage 4 cancer.She reversed her cancer and discovered a new, meaningful life dream.
Pauls Client & RCP 1 Graduate
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Spleen Cancer Reversed

Kristen had Spleen Cancer, which was too large to be surgically removed. She worked with Paul in person and her belly shrunk to it's normal size within 2 weeks.
Pauls Client
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Lung Cancer Reversed

Cindy was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer. She had only one session with Paul and her Lung Cancer disappeared within 2 weeks time.
 Pauls Client
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Endometrial Cancer Reversed

Sheila had endometrial cancer and came to work with Paul in person for 2 weeks. Her cancer reversed as she processed layers of emotional pain.
Pauls Client

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RCP 1 - Testimonial

Sarah - Co-Founder of CFN and Trauma Healing Mentor
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RCP 1 - Testimonial

Rachel - Rapid Transformational Coach & Hypnotherapist
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RCP 1 & Cancer Reversal

Jeanna - Emotion Body Code Practitioner
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RCP 1 & Cancer Reversal

Ruth - Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Written Testimonials

From our Graduates

"I learned fascinating things about where cancer comes from and how we can prevent it.

Paul is a wise, kind, genuine person who has helped several people prevent and reverse cancer over the past decade.

I highly recommend his course! It may be the greatest gift you ever give to yourself."
Guylaine G.
relationship & HEALTH COACH
As a western-trained physician, I have observed both professionally and personally, the need for approaching physical illness and disease through a more holistic and empowered lens.

It’s clear to me that cancer is not what society has labeled to be a ‘disease’, and what you are offering is a comprehensive and compassionate understanding of what we have called ‘cancer’.

It’s really healing just being in the group and having you guide us into our learning. 

 Thank you for the amazing class today, I feel so honoured to be able to participate in your course - it’s literally what the world needs.
"The insights and personal experiences you shared were immensely valuable.

Your engagement with the group was fantastic. I found myself looking forward to each day.

Many blessings to you for sharing your life changing work!"
I'm a traditional Naturopath and although I know the importance of working with people on all levels, I had been overly focused on the physical.
Paul helped revolutionize my perspective on health and show me just how important emotional work is for creating powerful and lasting results.
He is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing person to be around. He's one of my biggest inspirations in the health field and in life in general.  

I'll continue studying with Paul and I'm really excited to integrate his methods into my work and I know that it will make a big impact in many lives.  
"This course has been such a blessing! I am so happy I listened to my heart! 

Thank you for the gift of healing that you are not only giving to us, but allowing us to give to others."
"Thank you for the experience and sharing your knowledge.

This was a truly wonderful and well invested program."

"This course was - incredible!! 

Thank you so much for bringing this to us and to the world!!"

"I watched the day 3 recording this morning and you blew my mind. I never realized cancer is so spiritual.
 Thank you for all the important work you do and for sharing your healing knowledge & discoveries with the world!"
fitness coach & environmentalIST
"What a Week! Thank you for sharing so much of your wisdom in this short period of time. Although today was the last day, I still feel like you have so much more to offer.

Your teachings have been tremendously invaluable to me the past half year. I have been able to unblock so many of my limiting beliefs and through looking back at the emotional healing process, it has helped me personally.

 After a long active search for my purpose and desire to help others, I believe I found it. I'd like to express my gratitude for finally finding my real teachers."
"I'm LOVING it Paul - I actually feel like I finally understand my purpose and feel like I have landed exactly where I am meant to be.

 I am honoured to create a space for people to tap into their own selves and heal.

I am beyond grateful and I cannot wait to be a conduit for your knowledge to reach more of the world."

"One important course I completed was Paul Leendertse's Cancer Prevention and Emotional Healing course.

I enjoyed the week with Paul and learned additional nuggets of wisdom to help serve individuals during their healing process.

 Paul's work and teachings have been instrumental in helping those who have exhausted all medical options and/or have chosen a different path to healing."
Health  COACH
"Having taken your fabulous course and benefitted from your emotional healing guidance I reflected on aspects of my own life challenges and can openly say that the psychological aspect has usually been the hardest to come to terms with.

The mental pain of trauma is, in my humble opinion, the most toxic thing most will ever have to face. 

Grateful to you Paul for your work to help people express their suppressed emotions. I am proud to have cried on many occasions."

"The universe is showing me I'm on the right path every day.

I am so grateful I took your CPC course, it has helped me grow. 
Thank you Paul!

I've been blossoming ever since I have left my abusive relationship."
"I just wanted to thank you and your team for such a wonderful experience throughout the course.

I have learned so much and I can't wait to bring the knowledge you have shared with us to my clients."

"I am absolutely loving the course and keeping up by watching at night after my 9-5!

Your case history stories really drive everything home for me.

 Your course was amazing and extremely beneficial. I will be signing up for CRC next."
"Paul, thank you, thank you and thank you for teaching me so much, to stretch my soul to see beyond, to help me grow.

 It has been an incredible experience."
"Thank you so much for sending my certificates, very exciting to have them! 

Thanks also for my exam review, I really appreciate the  feedback that you provided, including your review on my 15 step process and felt you covered everything well.

I really enjoyed the course and have learned so much, and am so excited to heal myself, and then start coaching others."
"I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to take your Cancer Prevention Coach Level 1 and CRC2 classes. They changed my life in ways I never thought possible.

 I watched an interview of you with Jason Christoff and I knew that you had the answers I needed, so I signed up for your CPC1 class. You changed my life, Paul!

I am now able to recognize what to do to grow and change and finally love who I am and break the cycle I was in.

Thank you so very much for deciding to share your knowledge and wisdom with the world.

I know that with every new coach that learns your healing process is another person that can help change how cancer is thought about and treated. Thanks again, Paul. Much love to you."
"Paul, this was an amazing course and I'm so grateful for everything!

I've truly learned so much from you and I'm so excited for Cancer Reversal Coach Level 2.

Since finishing the class I've been paying close attention to Freewill and several of the lessons you taught us around love.

These teachings have helped remind me that I need to always speak up and voice my opinion if something doesn't feel right to me. Which I've chosen to do several times in the last week.

These lessons have also improved my leadership skills which again I am most grateful for."