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Guest Phil Harasimowicz shares his story of how he reversed stage 4, metastasized cancer. Phil had cancer throughout his body and came close to dying before breaking through and healing.

This podcast contains important information that reveals the root cause of Phils particular cancer, and cancer in general. As Host Paul Leendertse interviews Phil, he unpacks his story, backed by his knowledge from helping clients prevent and reverse cancer for over a decade.

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Paul Leendertse

Author, Teacher, Pioneer

About the Host

Paul Leendertse has over a decade of rare experience. He lived together with ‘terminal’ cancer patients, and instead of focusing on destroying cancer, Paul helped his clients resolve suppressed emotions and significant life challenges.

This is how he discovered that there is a root cause to cancer and developed his system for self-healing, which he now teaches to Holistic and Medical Practitioners of all kinds.

Get Ready for inspiring stories of individuals who healed themselves, and interviews with key experts in the world of cancer.

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