Spiritual Laws to Survive & Thrive in Times of Crises

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Turn Crises into Opportunity

In this course you will learn practiced and tested Spiritual Laws which protect you, and help you grow through times of crisis which may be personal, nation-wide, or world-wide.

Much of humanity has lost it's connection to the Spiritual World and it's Laws, and hence the reason why there is so much suffering, loss, and failure, which can all be summed in the word 'Darkness'.

In this course you will learn how to bring more Light into your life, and into the world, by applying the Laws of Creation.
The Truth is, we are here on this planet to Grow as a Soul - and there is such a thing as Spiritual Justice.

This course will help you navigate any kind of crisis you may encounter now, or in the future.

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Created by

Paul Leendertse

Author, Teacher, Pioneer, Coach
For over a decade Paul Leendertse has helped individuals turn extreme life crises into opportunities for growth and transformation, leading his clients to live happier, more fulfilling and abundant lives.

Many of Paul's clients were faced with severe challenges, often late stage cancer or depression. Paul himself has overcome intense health and life challenges such as being $750,000 in debt and having tumour in his colon at the same time. 

In "Spiritual Laws to Survive and Thrive in Times of Crises" Paul teaches how you can turn a life crisis into a gift, by understanding the laws on which this universe operates.