The Root Cause of Cancer & loving correction of GNM



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GNM is a new approach to medicine founded by Dr. Hamer. Hamer was a real pioneer who discoverd that the cause of disease is psychological and emotional and not physical. However, I have found there to be some major flaws in his therory about cancer.
In this webinar I will teach you where GNM is correct about cancer, and where it is incorrect, based on my 10+ years experience working with individuals with cancer, helping them heal from within.
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About Paul Leendertse:
Paul Leendertse started his pioneering work in cancer by living together with individuals with stage 3 & 4 cancer for three weeks at a time, over a ten-year period, at his his home and healing centre in Canada.

His first client had stage 4 metastasized cancer and the medical system had given up on her. She healed within a month despite being told she would be in a wheelchair and die within two months. She is still cancer-free today, more than a decade later.

In his program 90% of Pauls clients were able to heal themselves of cancer with his guidance.

Today he trains professionals in the holistic and medical field in the prevention and reversal of cancer as well as other diseases. His students confirm to him frequently, that they what learned about cancer and it's root cause is observable with their clients and people they know. 
You will learn:
  • simplified explanation of the root cause of cancer based on Pauls 10+ years of success with individuals with cancer
  • a simplified explanation of the root cause of testicular cancer (the cancer which Hamer had himself and had surgery for)
  • a simplified explanation of the root cause of lung cancer, because it is one of the easiest cancers to understand
  • valuable discoveries that Dr. Hamer has made
  • potentially significant errors within GNM
  • and more

Do you want to learn about the Root Cause of Cancer?

Dr. Hamer was real pioneer who was (often wrongfully) attacked by the medical system. He made great theories and was truly onto something big: Cancer and disease in general have a huge psychological-emotional component.

However, did you know that Dr. Hamer had testicular cancer and had surgery for it? In other words: He didn't heal himself of cancer. He later theorized that his testicular cancer was caused by the tragic loss of his son and developed GNM.

Did he truly understand cancer? 
I'll explain in the webinar.

Dr. Gerd Rykee Hamer - Founder of GNM (German New Medicine or also known as Germanische Heilkunde)

Dear GNM follower or practitioner, do you really want to know the truth about cancer?

I have reached out to GNM practioners to see if we could get together and discuss where my findings do not line up with GNM. I was very open to learning and sharing my knowledge. No one has responded.

I find this very disheartening, because the 'Great Awakening' and being a 'Truther' isn't just about breaking with old ways of medicine and replacing them with systems that are closer to the truth, it's about keeping an open mind, continully learning and evolving.

Let's focus on making progress in the Paradigm Shift of Cancer - together.

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