Self Healing Course + Mentorship with Aria

This offer includes the Self healing Course listed on our website and five additional sessions with Aria which can be booked at any time (suggested within 7-14 days of eachother).

It's filled with over 50 videos, handouts, forms to fill out, music playlists, and more, to uncover the root cause and support the healing process.

Welcome to your Self-Healing Course & Mentorship!

Healing yourself is a process which can include mant layers which lead up to a breakthrough.

Every step of the way is truly worth it - all that you learn, and the ways in which you grow will stay with you forever - carrying over into all aspects of your life.  

To schedule any of your five personal sessions, please use this link:
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Self-Healing Course

Guide Yourself on your Healing Journey & unlock your innate healing potential

Videos Audios Handouts & more

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