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Before 2020 the rate of cancer was already about 1 in 2 people. Since 2020 many have noticed that the occurrence of cancer has skyrocketed. Many people think that the Vxx is the primary cause but it's not so simple.
What can we do about it?

Join Root Cause of Cancer Pioneer Paul Leendertse in this 1.5 hour recorded webinar (including live Q&A).

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About Paul Leendertse:
Paul Leendertse started his pioneering work in cancer by living together with individuals with stage 3 & 4 cancer for three weeks at a time, over a ten-year period, at his his home and healing centre in Canada.

His first client had stage 4 metastasized cancer and the medical system had given up on her. She healed within a month despite being told she would be in a wheelchair and die within two months. She is still cancer-free today, more than a decade later.

In his program 90% of Pauls clients were able to heal themselves of cancer with his guidance.

Today he trains professionals in the holistic and medical field in the prevention and reversal of cancer and other diseases. His students confirm to him frequently, that what learned about cancer and it's root cause is observable with their own clients and people they know.