2. Research with Real People
"My name is Paul Leendertse. In 2010 my step father who was like a father to me died of lung cancer. He died in my arms

.I was a holistic lifestyle coach at that time and he was receptive to my advice. He tried a variety of approaches I suggested: organic food, juicing, meditation and more.

He also worked with Naturopaths and used other alternative approaches to combatting cancer. He also decided, on his own, to try traditional treatments: radiation and surgery. 

Although many of these approaches had minor positive effects (the traditional ones had obvious negative effects too), over time I watched my step dad worsen.When he died, I realized that what I knew about health was not enough.

From that moment on I devoted my life to studying and understanding the Root Cause of Cancer. I could not learn much from books, because I was out to make new discoveries. Real research is done with real people and my clients with cancer were my teachers.

Over 10 years of working with cancer patients in personal settings, I came to understand the root cause of cancer - it is repressed and unprocessed emotional stress or pain that is held inside a person's body.I learned not only the Root Cause overall, but further, the specific cause of cancer in each region of the body.

It was revealed to me by my clients over and over again, all who had similar cancers and at the same time similar life stresses.

I am forever grateful for what my clients helped me uncover. It is because of them, their honest desire and commitment to look deeper into healing that this knowledge can now reach the world."