3. If you want to help someone heal...
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If you want to help someone heal, hold loving space for them - don't fill them with your love. 

If your client is in pain, it may feel good for them and you to give them your love, but in most cases this causes a major interference. 

Especially touch, and words of comfort will disconnect your client from themselves, and make them feel safe through you (not from within). 

If you want to be a "healer" it's important to become strong enough to be present with someone's discomfort, not fix it. 

...strong enough to matter from within - not through 'saving' others. 

Allow your clients the space and presence needed for them to fill their 'holes' themselves, once they released their pain. 

That's how they heal longterm. 

If you "save" them - and it makes them feel good, it will only be temporary. The same wound will arise again, sooner than later. 

Then they will have another chance to heal themselves by filling that dark space in their bodies with their own love. 

A lot of people are waking up and want to do personal growth and healing work. This is truly wonderful but many are not experienced or trained enough to be an effective guide. 

Yes, it's okay to ask for help and sometimes even need others, and reaching out can even be growth for many.

But as a coach and guide it is important that you learn to support your clients only when they really need it and not take away their chance to evolve on their own.

A true guide will connect you to yourself and help you heal through your own inner power. 

I'm sharing this from over 10 years of intimate work with individuals with cancer. 

Self-healing, is the only thing that heals longterm. Anything else is an exchange of love and power only - but not true spiritual evolution.