Welcome to your Self-Healing Support Course.

This course is designed to help you heal yourself while you are also being supported and coached by one of our trained RCP2's. It's full of hours of important videos, handouts and more. 

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Wishing you a beautiful journey of reconnecting with yourself, gaining insights, and taking action on creating the life that's truly good for you - the life that heals you!

Root Cause Institute

Self-Healing Support Course

Guide Yourself through the Process of Healing
*exclusively available to clients of one of our trained Level 2 Root Cause Practitioners
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You are on the path of self-healing and you want to dive deeper?
This is the course for you!
This course was designed from over 15 years of reseach into the lives of individuals with cancer. It includes likely the most effective methods and guidance for self-healing from cancer available today.
What you will receive:
- Over 20 hours of video content (50+ videos)
- Detailed PDF instructions for completing Self-Healing Processes
- Self-Assessment Forms to bring more Clarity to the Root Cause of Your Cancer and what Actions are Essential for Healing
- Audios, Music Playlists, Self-Connection Practices, and more

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Self-Healing Support Course

Guide Yourself on your Healing Journey - unlock your innate healing potential

Videos Audios Handouts & more

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